Wonderful Word Wednesday

The Word is Powerful, Comforting, Instructive, Educating.

The Word changes everything: Perspective, Knowledge, Thoughts, Actions.

The Word is the Truth!

Each Wednesday I’m gonna share Bible verses that resonate in my life and why? Please share your favorites and why? This will accomplish 4 things:

1. Giving glory to God for The Word

2. Sharing our thoughts and experiences connect us.

3. Someone else may be able relate

4. We can touch and agree of just how good God is!

Here’s my favorite:

This is my favorite, because as a survivor of child abuse, I didn’t have a reference that I was wanted. I didn’t have a reference that I was valued. Oh, but God and His Word!!! Even though our parents may have forsaken us.. The Lord WILL take us as HIS child! This is awesome! Regardless of who we were born to in the physical…. we are actually Gods children! HALLELUJAH!!!

I was saved by His Word!!!

This verse has always been in my heart, in my spirit… it’s the definition of Love. The Love described is not a love experienced from man… This Love, as described in this verse, is a greater love … this is God’s Love. Nothing and I do mean nothing, is gonna keep me from Gods love….

What’s your “Word” for today? What spoke to you? What Bible verse/verses spoke to you and why?

Come on, let’s share with each other…Give God the Glory

Stay Blessed Y’all!


  1. As I was talking with God this morning, this verse came to me, “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me.” My heart is troubled today. I feel sad and weepy. I think after 15 years of smoking, I have a lung disease. Chronic bronchitis or emphysema. I have all the symptoms. It is my own fault. Should never have started smoking again after stopping for 25 years.

    I don’t mind death at all. I can’t wait to see God and Jesus. It’s the pain and sickness before dying that terrifies me. I can see I do not trust God about it. I know he lets millions of people die in pain, so why shouldn’t he with me? I am such a whining baby. I am such a coward. But I’ve always known that.

    Well, you caught me on a bad day. Lol I do believe God wants me to be at peace and trust him, so I’m trying.

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    • I am praying for you… praying that your faith increases as you continue life’s journey. I’m learning to trust HIM more and more and trust HIM without fear. Fear is a natural feeling that comes with the flesh but I know faith is in my spirit. I’m so sorry to hear you are having a bad day. This too shall pass. May God wrap his loving arms around you and give you the strength you need… thank you for sharing with me … it’s testimonies like this that connect us all…
      I used to smoke and often fear what damage I may have done… please don’t be terrified of your future… Gods got you! I have faith and believe and will keep you in my prayers! Thank you again for sharing. God bless and let’s stay connected

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