Prayer Line… Freedom Friday – Determination

From 2/23/18

Good morning! Today is Freedom Friday and the prayer line the word of the day was “Determination” 1Corinthians 7:24-27;Philippians 4:13; Numbers 23:24; 2 Timothy 7:7-8; Jeremiah 32:38-39. Meaning of Determination- firmness of purpose. The biblical meaning- to resolve,”decide” to decree ordain; markout. How do I exhibit determination in my daily life? Determination is the ability to make difficult decisions and accomplish God’s goals based on the truth of God’s word, regardless of the resistance that may be encountered. It is the ability to set ourselves toward Godly Pursuit and not allow ourselves to be Distracted or Discouraged. Weakness, Discouragement, Powerlessness, Giving up, and Faintheartedness, ar the opposite. These dire mindsets will allow you to give up way too soon, when all you had to do is hang in a bit longer. These characteristics lead you to Distrust God’s provision and forbid others to help you. Paul look back on his life of perhaps over 30 years of toil and struggle as a follower of Christ. He used the language of an Athlete who has won the event. And, he applied this analogy to our true Purpose and Reward. Paul knew his reward was to come in the form of righteousness, which is far more valuable than any Earthly Prestige or reward. Righteous determination requires our persistence to overcome barriers that hold us back, those that can be overcome by more Effort, Right thinking, clear goals, and help from others. We are to honor obstacles and the timing that God gives, and not rush through with matters to which are not called, or not ready for. Our Determination needs to be governed by righteous Desire, Commitment, and Dedication to God’s principles. Our study of His word, are prayer life, and listening to good, Godly advice will be our keys to unlocking the right doors and making sure we do not open the wrong ones. Determination is the strength that carries you through the path of success in the mist of obstacles. Today Be determined!

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