Random writing

Sometimes I have something small to say… but the meaning is big...

Unapologetic for who I am.

Unapologetic for how I’m living my life.

If you don’t like it… Read the first line again.

God I thank you …. For being my family.

As I bow my head and get on my knees ….

I am humbled by the magnitude of the Lord and ALL HE has done for me & mine.

GODS Child….

They are MY kids and MY gift from God and I LOVE them!

God shows me HIS love in having given me such amazing children….

Tell your kids how much you appreciate them … you can’t imaging the difference it will make ...❤️

Treat this life as a gift 🎁 you really wanted but couldn’t afford..

God Bless🙏🏽

Share a random small/big meaning thought .. I’d love to read it

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