Prayer Line… Meditations on The Excellencies of The Word of God

Good morning! This morning on the prayer line we talked about ” Meditations on the Excellencies of the word of God” Psalms 119:1-8. When I look at this chapter; which is the longest chapter in the Bible; it shows me how I am Blessed if I walk in a undefiled way: a way that is not Tainted, not Tarnished, not Poisoned, and not Spoiled. Because I’m walking in Truth! In Acts 24:16 it says “So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man” I am spiritually striving with good conscience to fulfill God’s will for my life; before God and man.The only way I can be perfect in him is by the influence of the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit will help us to keep Gods word in our heart. The word of God is sufficient to make us wise, train us in righteousness, and equip us for every good work. The scriptures are a reflection of God’s nature, and from them we learned that we can trust his character and his plan and his purposes for our lives, even when those plans include Affliction and Persecution. The scripture says “Blessed indeed are we if our Delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law we meditate day and night” Psalms 1:2 Today meditate on Gods word; hold fast to your Faith; live in a Righteous way so that you can Praise him and Reverence Him through out this day! Be Bless and have a Wonderful day!

Presented by Michelle Fassett Pastor of Staying Focused Christian Life Ministries

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  1. Thank you for sharing the devotional on Meditations of the excellencies of God. I was reading Psalms 119 from another devotion so and it touched me so much that I started to research it further and found your post. Yes, we must hold true and strong to God’s word and His promises to us in His word. It is our guide. I am going to be reading more of Psalms 119 and reflecting on the commandments and guided word direction of God. I will also check further into more of your post and devotionals.

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    • God is good! We spent about 2 weeks on Psalm 119 on the pray Line… what a wonderful Word! God is awesome and I’m grateful to connect with you in the journey of knowing God. Please feel free to read my other posts and join us on the prayer line Join us Monday-Friday at 5am on the conference line:
      ‭1 (605) 475-4120. Enter code 3761294‬.
      God Bless


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