Cutting the cord -changing the game

Ok so I’ve already cut the cord

Now I’m going deeper. Going to cancel my services with Sling TV. Hooking up an antenna to my TV & planning to purchase a DVR.


Well one major reason. I’m trying to cut costs. Between Sling, and my internet I’m still spending $70.00.

Yes it’s much less than my cable bill used to be but the question arises – can I do better?

The antenna will pay for it self in just 3 months. The DVR? Well I’m still researching costs, but regardless, it’s a permanent purchase. The savings will be in the longevity of its use.

Sling TV has been awesome. I’ve been able to get the shows that I want to watch as well as keep up with local and national news. Recording shows for later viewing has been a real plus.

But can I do this cutting the cord thing better? Cheaper? Well I’m gonna try.

When I’m done these changes I will have Netflix, an Antenna, and a DVR.

Hmm now that I think of it.. what if I just streamed tv from a PC?

One more thing to consider. Perhaps I need to relook at this?

If anyone has cut the cord or is cutting the cord, please share your thoughts and experience.

Im from a generation that all we did was pay for the TV, pull up the rabbit ears, and we were connected.

I’m not saying that cable doesn’t have its benefits. However for me and my household, paying $70. for TV still seems like it’s too much.

Thoughts are welcome…


  1. Wow that’s good! but as I was reading as always when I read I try to see a spiritual meaning behind “Cutting the cord” Cutting the Cord; there was somethings in my life that I was paying a hefty price for; to me it had a lot of Benefits that I thought was good for me but in the end it caused great pain to me. just like having a high bill and it seems like it was good but I was struggling. But when I made a choice to “Cut the Cord” of those things that made me pay a hefty price. I found out that my life is so much better & I am so much wiser for cutting the Cord! so glad I found Jesus!

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