Family is who you choose

We chose to make it important to keep them together

Cousins by blood

Family by choice

They will always have each other.

They will always be together

Standing for each other

Having each other’s back

To my sister from another mister:

Family is who you choose. I’m glad we chose family our way!

To seal the deal, we ALL got the same tattoo phrase in our own style. The tattoos are deeper than just the phrase. Placement, color etc represents something as well.

Tattoos are a way of connecting !

No doubt that tattoos are not for everyone… for me they have been a source of making a statement.

My tattoo meanings break down even more: I have different individual tattoos that I share with each of my children.

Stay tune for those pictures as well.

What tattoos do you have? Why did you get them? What do they represent for you?

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