Music continues

Piano in the dark – Brenda Russell

I wanna know what love is -Foreigner

Missing – Everything but the girl New Day – Celine Dion

First, I wish to thank several people who contacted me and shared their “go-to” songs after viewing my list of inspirational tunes. It caused me to realize I had forgotten a few. Hence the list above.

If someone really wants to know me? Listen to what I can’t say myself. It’s found in the songs that I can’t live without.

What’s your inspirational song? Do you have a “go-to” play list for life?

Thanks for reading my blog😊💗

A special thank you to a fellow blogger and this post that I recently read. It was a gentle reminder to keep writing. Whatever I need to say … just say it! To Youwillbearwitness… thank you😊

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