Living to die

I had a dream of what I thought life was supposed to be. It was entirely encased in love. The love of a man, the loyalty of a man, the promise that we would fight the world together. Ride or Die.

I’d be his back up, I’d stand beside and behind him in support. Be a firm board of encouragement. A soft place to fall when he needed to be loved and appreciated and heard.

I’d be his partner….he’d be mine

We could talk about anything and everything and still stand for the other

I’m broken but yet he would ask about how I got broke to understand the route I’ve taken to fix me…. he would know the route and understand that what fixes me is moments of cuddling, talking, listening,

Ride or die, high or low, sad or happy, life or death… we would have each other….

It was only a dream…

A dream created and longed for because my dad didn’t protect me from my mother’s abuse…

Interesting how that works ….

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